CIE offers a broad range of value-added services that allow its customers to offload more and more aspects of their supply chain, allowing them to focus on their core business while leveraging on CIE efficiencies.

Some of the Value Added Services that CIE can provide are:

Value Added Services such as labeling, printing and repackaging

Kitting. Kitting takes multiple products and combines them into a single easy-to pick package and easy-to-track SKU.


Printing: Expiration date, lot number, and/or any special legends can be made using our inkjet printers.


Labeling. When products need specialized labeling for different retailers or government regulatory labels.


Light manufacturing. CIE can assemble products from components sourced from different locations this reducing lead times and transportation costs.


Product destruction. CIE can destroy damaged or expired goods and provide destruction certificates.

Insertion of warranty cards

Insertion of

warranty cards

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