Colon Free Zone (CFZ) is the premier free trade zone in the western hemisphere. Created in June 1948, the Colon Free Zone has served for 63 years as the major trading center for Latin America and the Caribbean. Its operations began in a segregated area of 35 hectares originally in Colon Down Town. Now, this free trade zone is divided into nine different sectors totaling 1064.58 hectares for exhibition, storage and warehousing, logistics services, and other potential areas for expansion.


The main objective of Colon Free Zone is to promote international trade under a tax exempted work frame where commercial activities are wholesale oriented, and logistics and banking activities support them.

Benefits of the Colon Free Zone

The CFZ offers monetary, fiscal and corporate advantages to companies established in the commercial area.

These benefits are:


•Tax exemption on imports, re-exports and manufacturing of goods

•Tax exemption on Re-export incomes

•Tax exemption on invoicing

•Tax exemption on other national or provincial taxes

•The use of the US Dollar as legal currency

•Low cost on the rent of land, building or any required spaces

•It is allowed the establishment of companies with Licenses for Multinational Companies Headquarters (MHQ) or those authorized to operate under the special regime of City of Knowledge or Call Centers for commercial use.

•It is allowed the establishment of Higher Education Center and Scientific Research Centers

•Automated trade operations

•Migratory facilities for foreign executives

•Digitalized security system

•A large financial network of national and international banks

•Office of Intellectual Property and Systems for prevention of money-laundering

•Sale through e-commerce

•Institution certified under ISO 9001: 2008

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