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Asociación de Usuarios de la Zona Libre de Colón

On November 5, 1979 was founded the Association of Users of the Colon Free Zone, by a distinguished group of entrepreneurs and businessmen who had the vision to create an entity that groups and defend the interests of all enterprises in this important sector economic development.

Autoridad del Canal de Panamá

World Leader in services to the maritime industry and in sustainable development for the conservation of the Panama Canal watershed.

Model of excellence, integrity and transparency in our conduct; committed to the integral development of our human resource team.

Dirección de Movimiento Comercial

DMCE System facilitates and enables a reliable and secure electronic exchange of information between the CFZ Administration, Free Zone Companies, Customs, the Commercial Banks, Consenting Organs of the various Ministries, and the Customs Brokers.

Zona Libre de Colón

The Colon Free Zone is the main distribution center in the occidental hemisphere. For this reason, constantly being built and modernized warehouses, port and traffic systems for all types of goods, remaining at the forefront of modern technology and always ready to offer a wide range of excellent services and a variety of products.

P.O. BOX 0302-00503
MIT Logistics Park Ave. Randolph Coco Solo North
Colon, Republic of Panama
Phone: (507) 439-1300

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