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Panama/Colon Free Zone


The Republic of Panama is a transcontinental isthmus that connects North and South America. Panama´s strategic geographical position has been the primary reason why the country has been a naturally advantageous logistics center since the beginning of its history.


Free Zone

It fell to Dr. Thomas E. Lyons American citizen and a specialist in foreign trade zones, by order of then President Jimenez Enrique conduct a feasibility study in our country to build a free zone. Knowing the importance of the geographical position of the city of Columbus and the ports adjacent to this city, Dr. Lyons says in his studies that the city of Columbus is the right place for the long-awaited Free Zone. The president of the Republic issued Decree Law No. 18 June 1948, by which created the Colon Free Zone as an autonomous institution of the Panamanian state, which would have its own legal status, but subject to inspection and monitoring President of the Republic and the Comptroller General.

The Colon Free Trade Zone is the largest free zone in the Americas and the second largest in the world. It started operations in 1950 as a small, segregated area of Colon City and in the last 60 years has been expanded to over 1,200 hectares of land for tax free import, export, warehousing, and value added operations.

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